Accident Reconstruction Expert

You have the right to a fair trial, and yet, the way in which evidence is presented to the judge and jury strongly affects the outcome of trial proceedings. Attorneys on both sides of the bench -- whether defense and prosecution or defense and plaintiff -- know that the success of their arguments and witness testimony may require help from a forensic crime reconstruction expert to analyze the scene of an incident. This is what makes an accident reconstruction expert important in court cases.

On television programs, presenting convincing evidence seems fairly straightforward and simple, thanks to eloquent writers and special effects. But in reality, attorneys on both sides of the aisle know that it takes more than well written speeches to prove a point to the jurors. The National Center for Audio and Video Forensics (NCAVF) can provide an accident reconstruction expert for you to utilize in your on-going investigation. In addition, our video and audio forensic specialists can testify as an expert witness during your trial.

The audio and video professionals at NCAVF can be invaluable as an accident reconstruction expert by closely investigating and analyzing video and audio evidence and providing our forensic findings to our clients. As high definition video cameras and audio recording devices can be found nearly everywhere these days, an NCAVF forensic expert is likely to find something useful in your recorded video or audio evidence that you may not have found yourself. NCAVF can make a difference in a case by locating video footage, enhancing images, and cleaning up audio recordings. This can be instrumental in helping to simplify details for jurors that are often complicated.

Besides locating specific visual content and cleaning up both video and audio from the scene of an incident, an accident reconstruction expert also knows how important it is to return to the original location of the incident to film or photograph and even use actors to portray possible victims. When a crime is recreated, professionals can often reevaluate the situation as a whole and find details that were previously missed, which can oftentimes alter the outcome of a case.

An accident reconstruction expert knows that an analysis of existing video or audio evidence can be important in determining the true story behind a mishap - both for personal injury attorneys seeking to prove negligence by an individual, or companies investigating harm to their employees or accidents that injured their clients. This is because recorded high defintion video footage and enhanced still-images can not only prove claims that are made by a plaintiff, but they can also often reveal that injury was in fact caused by the injured party, rather than the defendant.

How can an accident reconstruction expert change the situation for both the defense and prosecution? An accident reconstruction expert can use videotape or digital video to demonstrate negligence by the accused, along with exonerating them. They also know that enhanced photographs or still-images may illustrate that certain objects were not where the injured claimed they were at the time of an accident; that events did not transpire as presented, etc. The trick in each situation involves video anaylsis and photographic proof by taking into account the scene from different angles, based on lighting and other considerations.

The difference that an NCAVF accident reconstruction expert can make in the outcome of cases cannot be overstated. Contact them by visiting, or calling them at 213-973-7811.

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