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FAQ 5: Can you make the sound level on this recording louder?

Most often, yes, boosting volume is a forensic audio enhancement that we are fully capable of performing. At NCAVF, we have a wide range of top-of-the-line digital audio enhancement and clarification software programs and tools that aid our expert forensic editors with enhancing audio volume to make it clearer, sharper and louder, giving you more ways to hear your audio evidence. We can also edit, clean up, boost, and significantly lower background noises that make the audio difficult to hear in the first place, such as car engines, air conditioners, refrigerator noise, busses, and microphone hum. In addition, you may want to come to our audio/video forensic lab to hear the evidence yourself through our high quality speakers in a quiet, audio-friendly environment. However, before sending any digital media evidence to our Los Angeles-based forensic lab, please call us at 213-973-7811, or fill out this short contact form to discuss your situation.

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