SAMPLE 1: Enhance video & audio evidence

SAMPLE 2: The Ballerina Lied ?

SAMPLE 3: Insurance Defends Civil Case

SAMPLE 4: Frame Averaging

SAMPLE 5: Measure suspect height

SAMPLE 6: Trip & fall personal injury case

SAMPLE 7: Robbery at medical dispensary

Measure suspect height and distances between points - photogrammetry

Here is a digital reconstruction of an alleged crime scene. The goal of forensic digital
reconstruction is to uncover new details about a case, such as a suspects height and
distances between points. NCAVF performs accident
reconstruction, known as 3D photogrammetry, and then compares the model to the recorded video evidence.

There are several digital forensic steps and techniques one must take and utilize in order to accurately determine the height of a suspect seen in a security surveillance video recording. Specific, detailed measurements and digitally enhanced still-frames from various video camera angles need to be taken in order to properly build a 3D computer model of the location of the incident. Those still-images are then processed within a specialized 3D software program, allowing forensic video experts to get a detailed view of the scene of the incident. To the left are a few images from a specific project.

Determining height of a criminal seen in surveillance security video camera footage
may help to disqualify or strengthen the case for an individual suspect.

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