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NCAVF is your #1 source for video forensics, audio forensics, and still image enhancement. From recovering and analyzing recorded security surveillance camera footage for use as digital media evidence in court, to enhancing video and audio evidence for presentation at trial, our experts will carefully investigate your video, audio recordings, and still images to uncover details you would never find.

High definition digital recording devices are everywhere today – smart phones, point-and-shoot cameras, police helicopters, home security cameras, dash cameras mounted in police vehicles, drones, at traffic intersections, and in most schools, businesses, and places of worship – and crimes and accidents are constantly being captured on video and audio and brought in as evidence in criminal and civil cases.

The newest form of video and audio evidence for cases is coming from body worn cameras on police officers. The audio frequently needs to be cleaned up and video from these systems needs to be stabilized.

NCAVF is at the forefront of helping attorneys and private investigators utilize their digital media evidence in court and at trial efficiently, and with years of experience in video production and in courts and with attorneys, we are trusted as consultants and qualified as forensic audio, video, and still image expert witnesses.

Our clients commonly consist of attorneys, law enforcement officers on criminal and civil cases, and insurance companies, as well as private citizens who need assitance with audio and video evidence & forensic enhancements. This includes district attorneys, prosecutors, police detectives, public defenders, security firms, asset protection departments, insurance companies, and private investigators. And we are ready and willing to assist our clients with whatever audio or video assistance they may need.

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