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ADVICE 1: Security camera evidence tips

ADVICE 2: Video & audio evidence in court

ADVICE 3: Playing evidence during trial

ADVICE 4: Chain of custody protects cases

Top 13 tips for managing surveillance camera evidence for court

It's a fact: Video surveillance cameras are everywhere these days, and we as a society leave our digital footprints everywhere we go, whether we are aware of it or not. So here are thirteen tips from one of America's foremost audio and video forensic experts. It might make you a forensic video expert yourself, or it might just save you and your attorney from making devastating errors with your audio or video evidence. ...read more

Video and audio evidence in courtrooms

More and more, video and audio recordings are being used in both civil and criminal court cases as digital media evidence. Therefore, it is crucial that litigation attorneys -- both on the side of defense and prosecution/plantiff -- educate and prepare themselves properly to set up digital media playback systems in order to best present this type of evidence in court...read more

Justifying multiple viewings of video & audio evidence during trial

There are a multiple number of different strategies for using audio and video evidence in court proceedings. Counsel should consider the effect of either multiple or singular playing of digital media evidence. Often, opposing council will object to playing evidence multiple times, and you will need to justify your legal strategy ...read more

Maintaining a clear chain of evidence

Maintaining a clear chain of custody for your evidence is important for any case, in order to ensure that evidence has not been improperly tampered with before it is trusted by a judge or jury to help decide guilt or innocence -- or, in the case of a civil trial, liability or exoneration. Here is one way to make forensic audio or video enhancement cross proof. ...read more

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