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FAQ 1: What kinds of video and audio forensic services do you offer?

At NCAVF, we like to always stay up-to-date on the most recent audio, video, and still image recording and digital media playback technologies. Every day, we see new formats of recorded video and audio evidence, and law enforcement investigations increasingly require audio and video forensic experts' legal analysis. Sometimes a client simply needs technical digital assistance in copying and preserving the original digital evidence before it is erased from a security surveillance camera systems (DVR), and sometimes a client needs a more complete, all-inclusive forensic expert examination, enhancement, and testimony. The steps from start to finish can often include:

The audio and video forensic experts at NCAVF are ready to handle your case, whether it's just a simple data transfer that's needed, or much more involved legal forensic digital enhancement services. There are countless security and surveillance camera systems in operation today, all over the world, with all kinds of video surveillance hardware and software that records, stores, and plays back video using their own unique formats. Allow us to help you navigate the myriad computer systems, file formats, and playback methods to make sure your digital video evidence is properly stored, enhanced, and prepared for your investigation and later plays properly during your arbitration, hearing, or trial.

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