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FAQ 4: Can you authenticate an audio or video file as the untampered original?

This is a question we get asked very often at NCAVF, and the short answer is yes; authenticating an original recording, whether it be audio or video, can be possible. However, as with most questions directed at digital media evidence, this really is something that will always vary from case to case. We can often tell fairly quickly if an "original" video or audio sample has been digitally-altered or edited in any way. At the same time though, these days, because of advancements in video editing software, modern technology makes the process of digital file editing and deleting much easier to do without any obvious signs that a forensic video or audio expert might notice. But our digital media experts have been working with video footage and still-images since the early 1980's, many years before digital files were being used; we know video and audio enhancement inside and out. There are a few clues that might tell us if tampering occurred, and we are happy to talk with you about this. Please call us today if you have video footage or audio that you think may have been tampered with.

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