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The Leading Provider of Video Examination and Audio Analysis Services

The nationally recognized video and audio experts at NCAVF are ready and available to assist with video and audio forensic enhancements and analysis, crime scene reconstruction, and various other digital audio and video forensic services. Based in Beverly Hills, California and serving the country and the world, the National Center for Audio & Video Forensics (NCAVF) gives you access to digital media evidence enhancement and clarification services to assist in your investigations or trials. Our goal is to give you clear and concise results to help strengthen your case. With our legal audio/video experts hard at work, you can rest assured that you’ll get the answers you need.  Read more below about the services we provide.

NCAVF services include:

(All services listed are provided to clients in Los Angeles and across the country.)

Preparing exhibits for demonstration & presentation of evidence

The legal video and audio forensic experts at Los Angeles-based NCAVF prepare professional quality exhibits and clear, easy-to-use presentations for hearings, trials, and mediation. These exhibits include media and formats such as:

These presentations, developed in our Southern California forensic lab and sometimes in court during trial, have helped prosecution and defense, both in civil and criminal litigation, and both state and Federal cases, to tell their side of the case in the most clear and simple way possible.

Innovative Technologies for Clear Results

We understand the importance of presenting clear evidence in trial.  Which is why our services are used in cases across Los Angeles and throughout the entire US.  Our work can assist with various areas of the investigation and prosecution process.  We can assist with:

View samples of our work or view our case studies for more insight into the services we provide.  For more information about the NCAVF services, please feel free to contact us at (213) 973-7811.

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